Our Process

Each project is unique as we strive to produce videos that meet your specific needs

Video Genres

Because videos are of the highest quality when they “tell an effective story,” it is important to focus the purpose of a video for a specific purpose in terms of what desired outcomes there might be for the video itself. Most times, videos fall into one of the following general categories.

Marketing and Public Relations

Because the best advertising videos require cinema quality to meet their full potential, a considerable amount of time is required to produce a high quality video that presents your product or service in a compelling way. A detailed storyboard is developed before the production begins to assure that the information and overall image you want to project to viewers is “spot-on.”

Training and Education

Like educational videos, this genre tends to be focused more on information delivery more than visual appeal, but carefully “attending to the details” of backgrounds, music underscore and high quality imagery, training videos should present as polished and professional.


Organizations often require an influx of people, whether members, volunteers, employees, or other supporters. Videos can present your organization in the most favorable light to inform potential recruits.

Fund Raising

Any organization requires appropriate funding to maintain a desirable level of functioning. Videos can present an effective method of connecting with potential funders, such as private donations from individuals and grants from organizations to fund raising events.


One of the best ways to keep memories of special events and occasions vivid is by capturing them on video. Most times, videos of this nature are created as a “collage” by capturing individual scenes as they occur, then blend them together into a seamless presentation.

How we do it!

Our Process

Pre-Production planning includes asking a lot of questions to assure we capture just what you want in your video! From that pre-planning, a storyboard is developed to assure all details will be attended to in the final video. We then capture a considerable amount of raw footage and move to the editing process to assure continuity and consistency for the final video. Finally, titling, opening and closing sequences, and music are added. The video is then finished to best meet your plan for distribution, from broadcast to social media applications.

From capturing dynamic drone footage that adds complexity and richness, to stationary camera shots, we have the equipment necessary to produce videos for a wide variety of applications and uses. The use of other specialized equipment from camera sliders and gimbal stabalizers to rich RBG color lighting, we stand ready to provide you a final product that you will be proud of.

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