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Blending History with the Performing Arts

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Over time, a community of any size evolves as a result of the contributions of its citizens, all of whom play a role. But some of those people “stand out” as they impact the culture, identity, and historical folklore of that community. The Iconic Voices Project brings a community’s history to life, featuring prominent figures together for an imaginary yet historically-informed conversation that both entertains and educates the audience.


Our first Iconic Voices Project consists of two phases. The first phase will be the development of an historically-accurate, feature-length documentary presenting some of Terre Haute’s most iconic personalities from over the past 250 years. The project’s second phase will be the development of a full stage production that is informed by history and will feature all of the various iconic personalities gathered together in an imaginary place and time, sharing their worldviews and personal philosophies. The group conversation will illustrate how individual belief systems and moral groundings can both complement and clash with one another and how each of the iconic figures influenced and shaped the culture of the Wabash Valley we experience today.

Although we’re at the start of our work, our preliminary list of iconic personalities includes:

  • Chauncy Rose; Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Eugene V. Debs; Socialist and political activist
  • Saint Mother Theodore Guerin; Educator and Saint
  • Madame Edith Brown; Owner, houses of prostitution
  • Willa Brown; Aviation Pioneer
  • Max Ehrmann; Poet, authored the Desiderada
  • Tony Hulman; Owner of the Indy 500 racetrack
  • Ida Harper; Author, journalist, and suffragist

From our initial work, a template and unique branding will lead to sharing The Iconic Voices Project with other communities across the nation that can replicate our work. Modifying the base script with their own, local iconic personalities will create their own unique variation of our basic project.

A video overview of the Iconic Voices Project


Miller Bough

Courtney Dosch

Mark Frederick, PhD

Thomas Johnson, PhD

Jimmy Matczak-Roe

Laura Reed


Our creative team is always open to inquiries and comments to help improve the Iconic Voices Project and to share our progress along the way. Please send us a note at below or to mark@parabolicvision.com.

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Our journey began with the thought of what it might be like if a few iconic figures from Terre Haute, Indiana’s history were to gather together and share their various worldviews. Because few of those people lived at the same time, we could only surmise what they might have thought and said to one another if they had all met together at the same time. But with some historical research as to their accomplishments, personalities, and cultural influences, we became convinced that we could imagine that conversation with some degree of accuracy.

The result of our efforts will be two-fold; the development of a historically accurate documentary featuring each of the icons’ lives. From the documentary’s research, our second step will develop a stage show of an imagined conversation among them. From our work, we hope to develop a specific template, branding, and mis en scene that can be replicated by other communities, theaters, and college/university groups.

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