ParabolicVision Multimedia

We specialize in providing video, audio, still photography, and streaming production services for not-for-profit businesses and concerns. We often provide services at no cost to our clients.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Beliefs

We believe that not-for-profit businesses and concerns that attend to meeting a broad range of human needs are crucial to enhancing the quality of life for all humanity.

We believe that financial limitations that are often part of not-for-profit organizations’ lifecycles should not prevent them from having full access to video and audio production opportunities that can support and bolster their work.

We hold firm to our commitment of working with any legitimate and valid not-for-profit business to assure it can afford full production services, which in some cases, will be offered at no cost.

We believe that our purpose is to serve people and businesses in a fair and equitable manner that promotes good works, service to others, and high quality responsiveness to the needs of all.

Let us Help You in your Work

How You Can Enlist our Services

Decide the Message you want to Deliver

Good video and audio productions “tell a story,” and as the focus and coherency of the story improves, so does the overall quality and potential impact that story will have.

Schedule a Concept Meeting with Us

Scheduling a preliminary concept meeting will allow us to determine first if we are able to accommodate your wants and needs, second, to determine what cost, if any, will be associated with the production, third, to gather necessary background information to begin conceptualizing the message and construct a “story board, and fourth, developing the production plan and timeline.

Work with Us Through the Production Process

You’ll need to be an active part of the production process by providing us necessary background information, graphics, in-house on-camera and voice-over talent, and approval of rushes/dailies and final video along the way as production continues. We will never share, distribute, or otherwise present any work done for a client without express approval and consent.


Please Take the First Step to Work with Us

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